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Listen to the music speak English drama The city library to meet "world reading day" activities

Date: 2015-04-15

Listening to pop music in colleges and universities teacher speak, and learning to speak English with a foreign teacher, watching drama "build a small industry", the "world reading day approaching, 12, changchun library conducted three series of public welfare activities.
12, changchun library has carried out a variety of series of activities. 9 when 30 points, in libraries in the third floor, young foreign teacher has been to the scene audience interaction. The four basic skills, to learn English is listening, speaking, reading, writing, listening and say it's the key. Site, the teacher let us in the form of the game into come in, compared with the foreign teacher's pronunciation, you may not be so pure English accent, but don't hold up the enthusiasm of the people speak English, by nearly 2 hours of interactive learning, everyone is very happy.
Changchun library on 10 p.m. 4th floor audio-visual art museum has full citizens, also some people stood listening without place to sit. "Just open the audio-visual art gallery later, so people come more." The staff said. Live from northeast normal university teacher explain for everybody pop music culture, jazz, rock, sol music, the music you may have heard, but don't know about the development of their origins, through this lecture, many citizens feel very long.
Day 14, drama "built small industry in audiovisual art museum, tells the story of emperor ribs, a Beijing old siheyun in family relationships. After a week, changchun library has wonderful activities, citizens can focus on micro letter platform or login changchun changchun library digital library home page to learn. (reporter Liyuan liu)