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Changchun corporate volunteers to send traffic police love masks

Date: 2015-04-15

14, zhuhai caring volunteers will be more than 300 enterprises prevent mist haze mask presented to the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment of green garden brigade police, hope, in the police directing traffic at the same time also can protect the body. 14 PM on the day, volunteers will be more than 300 masks to prevent mist haze city traffic police brigade green garden district public security bureau traffic police detachment, policeman and guide how to use it. A traffic police, said: "this mask permeability is very good, no peculiar smell, we work out regularly every day will be affected by dust, smog, especially now, catch up with the windy day, so the mask effect is really too big for us, thanks to the general public to our care." Learned, changchun city green park traffic police brigade a total of more than 100 police, the masks from each of the traffic police can be assigned to the three or so, each mask the longest time for a month.