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Zhuhai held a hui youth fellowship activities

Date: 2015-04-15

In order to enrich the culture of the hui nationality youth life, solve the city hui unmarried youth problem, 12, located in the city of long channel mosque hui marriage bureau held a special youth fellowship activities. From the city and jilin, shenyang and other cities of more than four hundred unmarried young men and women of hui nationality and parents took part in the activity.
Through interactive games, talent show, for the hui unmarried youth has set up a platform for the communication each other, the atmosphere is relaxed and happy. Li Yang is a civil servant from nanguan district shuguang street, she happily told reporters: "to participate in such activities, not only can increase the chance to know and understand their native heterosexual youth, can also enrich their cultural life." Mr Hui young parents m more, he said, because the population of the hui nationality, mate choice scope is narrow, so the daughter have yet to find the right object, this time, he saw a lot of good personal condition from the panel data for unmarried men to record down to let his daughter to choose carefully.
We have learned, our city has a population of the hui nationality, about 50000 people, among them, the urban hui population of more than 30000 people, unmarried young age of about 5000 people, due to low population of the hui nationality, living scattered, unmarried school-age youth less opportunity to contact and contact each other between each other. Party and government always attaches importance to and care for the life of the ethnic minorities, in 1982, founded the city hui marriage bureau in the mosque in the long path, in recent years, under the support and help of the municipal government, organized more than 10 times the hui youth fellowship activities, well received by the hui people. (reporter even elegant gem interns pass)