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The water quality good The weather is warming Wild duck play ytong river

Date: 2015-04-15

Afternoon, March 28, residents have found that there are many ducks in changchun ytong river, reporter also found to have traces of wild ducks.
Afternoon, March 28, changchun residents zhou passing ytong river bridge are found, because recently the weather gets warmer, changchun ytong river appeared a lot of wild ducks, the number of hundreds of only. 28 17 PM, the reporter comes to Mr. Zhou found the location of the wild ducks, four ducks in the water, foraging for food in the middle of the water, and from time to time to dive, reporter walked along the river ytong for a, found no other ducks.
The ducks head is not big, it is understood that in recent years as ytong river water quality is good, spring, ducks and other waterfowl are also willing to migrate to come here. The reporter Hu Haibin