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Jida volunteers care left-behind children

Date: 2015-04-15

At jilin university in a few days ago, self-improvement and the volunteers from various colleges come to changchun city public interest student counseling center, to participate in "yi up to help, cooperate with care left-behind children" volunteer activities, aims at a deeper understanding of the requirements of left-behind children, pay attention to their psychological status quo and existing problems, for these left-behind children's learning, life and health of body and mind to create a good atmosphere.
The volunteers carefully prepared beforehand games and performances. They lead the children performed sign language program "grateful heart", also with the children played a turnip squat, you draw, stick the game such as nose, I guess. In order to enrich the children's knowledge, the students also specially prepared physical chemistry experiments, startled the children with these amazing phenomenon. (reporter Li li)